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Peculiar Mobile Apps For Walkers And Runners

Ever since smartphone became essential for our day to day lives, apps that are being developed for them have registered a huge boom and it’s really impossible to keep track of how many new apps are developed every day. By reading this article, you will be able to find out about some fitness apps with a twist. The kind of apps that make you go ‘hmm’ but you download them out of curiosity. So, here we go:

Charity Miles

You usually go out for a run for personal reasons, involving your fitness, health and shape. But what if, you could also help others while you take care of all the above-mentioned aspects? Well, the creators of Charity Miles had exactly this in mind. Every mile you run gets 25 cents and biking gets 10 cents, might not seem like much but if all the people running or biking will do this, the amounts could become impressive.

Zombies, Run!

Living in an era of the digital, running might not be the most exciting thing to do for a lot of people. For those that see running as dull, there’s Zombies, Run! This app transforms any running session into a fun activity by combining audiobook storytelling with the actual exercise. That might not be as exciting as enjoying free, no deposit slots but you have to admit is very cool!

Superhero Workout

Yet another awesome running and workout app developed by Six to Start, the same guys that came up with Zombies, Run! It basically combines gamification with fitness training and running, making the whole thing a lot more interesting. You have to run and complete various exercises in order to equip your battle suit to be ready in the fight against alien invasion.

So, there you go, just three out of the multiple peculiar mobile apps that can be used by walkers and runners to make their exercise a lot more interesting and appealing to others as well. What’s your favourite?